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     The public health center was established in November 1950. During the year, with the funds shortage, lack of staff, all the staffs of our center and the enthusiastic people in our community efforted to overcome the difficulties in the implementation of the public health services.

     At that time, we borrowed one of the classrooms in Niaosong primary school to started a general out-patient clinic and promoted public health services. By the end of 1953, a provincial subsidy of 30%, amount of 67,000 NT$, built the health care center on 367 Zhongzheng Road, Niaosong Village (now demolished).

     The center included a clinic, a pharmacy, an office, a treatment room, a maternal and child health room, a duty room, a disinfection room, a toilet and a warehouse. Now there are nine staffs and one public health nurse assigned by our center.

     On 25th of December 1990, due to the merger of Kaohsiung County and Kaohsiung City, the name changed to Niaosong District Public Health Center of Kaohsiung City.